How To Negotiate A House Price


Buying a property is a big deal and it involves a huge amount of money. In fact, for most people, it’s the biggest purchase any of us will make! As exciting as it is buying a property, it’s amazing to me that people will go into a negotiation without a plan or sometimes not knowing how to negotiate!

Buying a property is all about planning. Whether you are planning what property to buy, how to make an offer, or how you will approach the negotiation! The earlier you can do this the better. Buying property is a complex process not only with multiple people being involved in a chain, estate agents, and solicitors. If a mortgage is required (and usually it is) then there is even more complexity. Not that this should be a concern, particularly if you are working with a professional team of independent mortgage brokers, like ourselves, the point is to simply give yourself time, get organized, and plan ahead.

I hope this little video helps you out and of course, if you are getting a mortgage, don’t forget to download the ’10 Top Tips For Getting a mortgage. We’ve really packed in our essential top tips to help you out.

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