Why Use A Mortgage Broker In Exeter?


If you live in Exeter and are thinking about getting a mortgage, why do you need a mortgage broker to help you? Of course, you might be looking to move, remortgage or maybe buy an investment property in Exeter. But the question is, what does a mortgage broker in Exeter do that you can’t? Why not go straight to a bank? Read on to find out why!

A Mortgage Broker in Exeter will give you something you can't get from a bank!

Mortgage Broker Exeter
Mortgage Broker Exeter

In short, an Exeter mortgage broker who is independent (and be careful, not all are!) will be able to look at all the lenders. They will be able to advise you on which one is best for you and your circumstances.

It sounds simple and maybe not such a big deal, right?

But think about it for one moment!

A bank can't (and more importantly doesn't) recommend their competitors, even if they were better suited to you or they saved you money. The bank is there to make money, not recommend anyone else!

Of course, you might get lucky, and it might so happen that a particular bank has the best deal in the market, but trust me, this is rare! If I had to make an educated guess, I would estimate that this happens 1% of the time!

If you put that into context, a person going direct to a bank and not researching the whole market is likely to pay more than they need to. When it's probably going to be somene's biggest debt, this is a big deal as it could end up costing thousands more or take longer to pay off than it could have done!

Don't take a chance with your mortgage. If you live in Exeter and need a mortgage, get independent mortgage advice. It will help you save money and take a lot of the hassle away. For some, that's even more important than the saving.

A little bit about us; with our head office in North Devon, we've been fortunate to have expanded into Exeter and have been helping lots of clients in the area, from property investors to Nurses and Doctors. But at our core, it's quite simple really, we want to help people navigate the complexity of getting a mortgage! So if you need a friendly helping hand, drop us a line and say hi!

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