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You might be surprised how mortgage advice will help when you are planning to move home! Of course, moving home can be a stressful experience and the process can be very fragmented. You might have the estate agent you are selling through (if you are selling), possibly another agent you might be wanting to buy from, a solicitor, an independent mortgage broker or bank, and that’s just you. What about if you are in a chain and everyone else involved also has this complexity? It’s easy to see why it can get stressful and 1/3 of all sales fall through! Read on to find out how getting independent mortgage advice can really help.

How Mortgage advice from expert independent mortgage brokers can help:

At Barr Financial we are more than just independent mortgage brokers who find the best mortgage deal.

We understand the complexity of moving and buying a home. We work closely with estate agents, solicitors, and of course the banks to make sure your move is as seamless as possible.

Don’t forget we are intimately involved in the property world and we are helping clients all the time, so we know way more than just getting a mortgage. And that’s a BIG differentiator compared to just getting your mortgage from a bank! We help and offer added value and experience to the buying process.

Of course, don’t expect moving it to be easy, it never is.

But if you can work with partners who can help streamline this process, then it will not only help reduce the stress, burden, and headache, but importantly it will greatly improve the chances of your dream move happening. And let's be honest, when you are wanting to move and you’ve found the right property, that is the only thing that matters!

Moving home tips from independent mortgage brokers:

Knowing what to do when, who to speak to, what to do next, should you do this or that!! There is a lot to think about so here are some helpful pointers!

When you are moving, you are competing, so sell yourself:

As a buyer you are competing with other buyers, so make sure you choose the right team to help you secure that purchase.

Maybe the agent has preferred partners they like to work with because they know they will get the job done and look after their clients. Estate agent's recommendations, might be just that, a recommendation so doesn’t assume they always have ulterior motives, maybe they just want to help and they know what works.

Get independent mortgage advice and start planning your finances

If you haven’t managed to plan your finances yet, don’t be afraid to tell the estate agent this. Too many buyers just tell the agent what they think they want to hear. When the truth is agents know whether a buyer is flaky or not.

They much prefer you to be open and honest and at least this, then starts the relationship on the right footing. Just because you haven’t sorted the finances yet doesn’t mean you won’t right?

Why getting prepared for a mortgage can help when dealing with estate agents

If you prepare yourself and get organized it means you will be in a stronger position when it comes to both presenting yourself as a credible buyer but also could help when it comes to negotiation.

But don’t worry if you don’t know what to do, the first step is to get in touch with us if you need a mortgage or considering porting your existing one and we can help guide you.

It's surprisingly common for buyers to assume they can make an offer without getting their finances organized first. However more and more estate agents and the owners they are representing, now insist buyers have covered this off before making offers.

Some estate agents even insist on this before you view a property. After all, it is in everyone’s interest to make sure it happens.

Equally, it helps differentiate those buyers who are serious, organized, and ready to go.

If you were selling, what kind of buyer would stand out from the crowd for you? Make that person be you!

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