Property Insights – November 2018


Property Insights – The Market!

Local Devon Property Professionals come together to help the local public understand the current property market with this month’s survey focusing on the ‘market’ with anonymous contributions from local property professionals. For those that didn’t see last month's blog about ‘prices’, you can click here.

Property Insights is focused on bringing local property professionals together, collaborate on ideas, share local insights, and help local people better understand their local market.

All local estate agents are invited to participate to share their local knowledge with the public because we truly believe this offers you a huge amount of value and insight like no other.

Property Insights:

Some interesting stats came out of last month's property insights survey with 56% of the market representing local movers.

While the remaining 44% of agents identified their typical buyer as someone from out of the area. Interesting to see that first-time buyers and investors didn’t represent their typical buyer at the moment.

Speaking of which; 78% of agents said first-time buyer inquiries had decreased while only 6% of respondents said investor inquiries remained steady.

Property Expert:

We all want to know what is happening in our local property market which is often very different from the national picture!

Nic runs his local estate agency Match Property from Barnstaple with a unique twist on the traditional model by having a ‘local’ digital agency model. With a forward-thinking approach, the focus remains the same, local property expertise and doing the very best for his clients.

Nic Chbat - Match Property
Nic Chbat - Match Property

“We have had consistent demand throughout the year and this has continued until now. Surprisingly, we have seen sales pick up at the end of November with some very strong sale prices achieved. Although this time of year is traditionally when the market slows down, we have seen both new instructions and sales agreed increase and buck the normal trend. However, this is underlined by a willingness by our clients to adapt to market changes and work with us to get the result they ultimately want.”

If you are a property professional (estate agent, solicitor, mortgage broker, investor, or accountant) and would like to help your local community, you can get involved by registering here:

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